Welcome to Africa's Largest Collection of Aquatic and Jungle Life

Located on an 100acres of beautiful lush green land, overseeing the aquatic splendor of the Badagry lagoon. Aquatic Jungle offers 'state of the art' recreational facilities that meet the taste of every family, including Aircraft and helicopter tour,
Theme Park facilities and a Five Star Hotel.


The Aquatic Jungle Zoo


Bringing wonderful feelings of excitement to our visitors by providing collection of diverse animals including lions and tigers in a close and safe rang to allow a wholesome appreciation of nature.

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Aircraft and Helicopter Tour


Well equipped with air conditioners and LED TVs for entertainment and learning while on board. Used for simulating flights for our visitors who have not had the opportunity of being in real flights.

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A Unique Edutainment Centre


Presenting a unique combination of education and entertainment that enables the whole family to learn together while relaxing. We are proud to create the world's first edutainment centre.

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