Welcome to Africa's Largest Collection of Aquatic and Jungle Life

Joy in looking and comprehending is natures most beautiful gift! Located on a lush green landscape, overseeing the aquatic splendour of the Badagry lagoon.

Aquatic Jungle Entertainment Limited is a one stop entertainment center with varieties of unique facilities, services and structures for a memorable adventure.

In aquatic jungle, we express a beautiful learning experience beyond the four walls of the classroom, we are opened to pupils, students for an effortlessly well put together excursion experience with our well trained tour guides.

The Aquatic Jungle is Nature's Delight


Great Adventure Awaits


It is such an easy process for such a great adventure

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Aquatic Life


Water is growth, there is beauty beneath the sea, no water no life, no blue no green. We have the largest collection of aquatic life to give you a priceless memory of under the sea experience.

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A Unique Wildlife Experience

The beauty of Africa is not man made, it is nature's gift to humanity. Experience the fierce beauty of wildlife that symbolizes strength with us

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